Project Alice says a huge thanks to the following persons and companies for supporting us! It's not an easy world for those developing free software for open source and the costs involved with creating can quickly become crushing if you aim for efficiency and quality.

If you too want to sponsor Project Alice, we currently have two ways on place, either by a monthly support, with Liberapay that is clearer than Patreons and gives 100% of the funds to the receiver or a one shot donation through PayPal.


At the moment I do not have any plans on how to thank patrons other than naming them here with some link of their will, but feel free to shoot ideas through if you have any. 1Dv6CtEHUmDgv6tkgbsbrVRrBLh1KxUKPA


# Jetbrains

Jetbrains Logo Are you looking for perfect tools for whatever language you code in? Look no further, Jetbrains offers the perfect suite for developers in python, php, html, java, rust, c# and many more! With dedicated apps for each language, powerful code completion and analysis there's no excuses for typos anymore! Refactoring brought to a whole other level, debugging sweetened, remote auto deployment, themes, plugins and so much more make it the perfect platform for all your needs!

Thank you for providing some full pack free licenses for open source development!

# Gitlab

Gitlab Logo Looking to host your code? For a complete and very powerful Continuous Integration system? Managing your issues? Maybe you are already using another repository, but you still want to benefit from the CI? Give Gitlab a try! And even more than a try! The hosted solution is perfect for starters but if your needs increase, Gitlab can be easily downloaded and installed. Best part of it? Fear no data leakage, it's open source!

Thank you gitlab for providing us with a Gold license!