# Intro

Hey Alice?
What are you?
Mmmmh, well, let's see what Psycho has to say about this!

Project Alice is an open source virtual assistant that can run entirely offline, respecting your privacy. You can talk to her or ask her stuff, and she'll answer you if she understood. In case she didn't understand, you can evolve her by adding new skills developed by our community(opens new window) . She can automate your home or give you news, wake you at morning or help you cook, you shape her the way you want!

Help Alice grow

Alice is young, although in development since quite a while now. You can also be part of the adventure and help by contributing

# Why this assistant

  1. I started around 2014 to create my own assistant. It really became something when I found out about (now dead) Snip. I built Alice on top of it and decided to share it with the rest of the community. Snips died, Alice survived and Snips closed source components have been removed and coded anew for a total transparency.
  2. I love coding. I might not be a developer, but I have this running in my blood. I started very early, at the age of 6, on Dos back then. I love challenges, that's what make me go deeper and wanting more.
  3. The name comes from Resident Evil, so does the logo. I love the Red Queen and always wanted to have my own Red Queen at home.
  4. This assistant is free to use for anyone and is modular enough to allow anyone to use it, with something as simple as a Raspberry Pi 3.
  5. The concept of community made (and Alice team curated) skills allows anyone with some basic python knowledge to teach Alice about their incredible ideas and make them a reality for the community
  6. After spending over 2 years with Snips, one thing is clear: Privacy matters. Alice can work entirely offline but can also use online services, if allowed by your settings, such as Google ASR, Amazon TTS and many others.

# What is needed

# What can Alice do?

Many things! But she cannot cook yet... Have a look at our ever-growing community made skill collection: https://store.projectalice.io(opens new window)

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