The last image we created for now is Beta 2! Did you check the manual-install for an updated Alice? We will resume image creation when version 1 is released.


Use 7zip(opens new window) , it's open source, fast, has one of the best compression ratio and comes with nice features

  • Flash the image to your SD card
  • do not place any wpa_supplicant.conf or ssh file in /boot
  • do not boot your raspberry before doing this next point!!
  • Edit the /boot/ProjectAlice.yaml file. If there's no ProjectAlice.yaml file on the /boot partition, grab the latest from sources: ProjectAlice.yaml(opens new window)
  • Configure it according to your information and needs. All configurations have a little explanation, but most should be self-explanatory.
  • Make sure to have a space after the colons:
    • Wrong: forceRewrite:yes
    • Correct: forceRewrite: yes
  • If the option value contains any special characters, enclose the whole value with double quotes:
    • Wrong: mqttPassword: a:%qJi
    • Correct: mqttPassword: "a:%qJi"
  • Save it, unplug your SD card, plug it into your raspberry pi and power it up.
  • Alice should boot by herself and connect to your Wi-Fi, update, configure and start. This may take a while, so do not unplug until she has spoken to you!
  • If you have enabled the interface (by default), you can check what's going on by browsing to http://x.x.x.x:5000, replace with the Project Alice device's IP address.
  • The SSH User is pi, and the password is umbrella